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Fic: Trip, fairly PG-13 ish with Susan and Theo *EG*

Title: Trip
Author: monoceros_writ
Pairing: Susan Bones/Theodore Nott
Rating: PG-13ish
Warnings: a bit of dark suggestion
Disclaimer: All the characters and the elements of the universe belong to JK Rowling, no profit is made from this and no infringement is intended. This is for fun only.
Challenge: I’d like to mention cyn_fulprompted me with Susan trips into the lake and Theo rescues her so that responsibility for this goes to her *G*

The sun was warm on Susan’s back as she made her way to the Lake. The day had been tedious with study sessions with Hufflepuffs (notorious jaw-cracking-boring) and classes with Slytherins Susan had itched to hex but couldn’t in spite of her wish to do so. Sometimes being a Hufflepuff was more than she could stand, the reason of course being simple, she had to be nice, all the time. Thank Merlin she was not required to smile that much, or she’d have killed something by now.

In spite of Susan’s bad mood, nature seemed to be rejoicing in the rapid approach of summer, all leafy green around the sparkling lake. She made a beeline for it with a vague notion of wetting her feet and soak up the sun. As Susan reached the slippery with water lakeside (thank you over- active Gryffindor pups) she made to sit down when two things happened. Someone said “Here’s your chance lover boy” and then Susan trips into the water, as if by magic.

As she was choking and spluttering she was vaguely aware of the jeering and shouts and then suddenly hands caught her around the waist and dragged her out of the water. Her robes were making the journey difficult so she shrugged them off and breathed easier almost immediately.
Belatedly she realized her savior was under the impression she was half drowned – the mouth-to-mouth attempt was a dead give away. So there Susan was, Theo Nott above her making sure she hadn’t drowned by stealing the air out of her lungs.

Susan thought rather hysterically that he was a rather good kisser but if she really had needed the technique would have killed her softly. As it was it was a good moment to observe the boy, long lashes that trembled as he moved his lips and tongue over her mouth and just inside. The hair under her fingers was soft and the same colour as the startled brown eyes that looked into hers. She pulled just a little on the wavy locks and the boy grinned, shifting to lie comfortably before pulling her close again. Not a necro then, good, she liked to be very active anyway. 

The end?

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