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Drabbles of Susan/Theo
Author: cyn_ful and secret person
Current rating: pg-13
Warnings: none
Summary - glimpses of the budding relationship of Susan Bones and Theodore Nott with their friends butting in.

Susan stared at her boyfriend's eye seeing red. "Accident in the dungeon?" she posed as a question while forming a plan of retaliation.

Theo not knowing her well enough spoke without care. "Draco and I were having a discussion about the repercussions of our relationship."

Susan nodded. Hannah stood up and backed away from the table slowly. She knew Susan's temper and was not about to watch it unfurl against anyone at this close range.

Susan blinked her eyes slowly. "What exactly are the repercussions and why would they affect him?" she asked sweetly.

Theo let out a sigh. "He is afraid of how it will look to certain people that are aligned with our families."

"Would the alignments possibly be open to new faces, because I can say this, if the ferret so much as touches you again, his face will be rearranged."

Theo stepped back. "Susan."

She raised her eyebrows. "Did you forget that you were mine?"

"Whipped already? Such a shame, Nott, you had such promising possibilities."

Susan turned with her wand out. "Molior facio minor"

Draco's eyes widened as he glared at his friend. "Better choose your partners wisely, Nott, for this one won't go far." He turned and stormed out of the library.

"What did you do, Susan?" Theo asked as he watched the truce go up in flames.

She turned and smirked at him. "I only shrunk his penis. He won't be using it for awhile." She picked up her books and walked out of the library knowing that he would follow her.

*note: Latin translator
Tags: author: cyn_ful, susan/theo
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