Fic: Trip, fairly PG-13 ish with Susan and Theo *EG*

Title: Trip
Author: monoceros_writ
Pairing: Susan Bones/Theodore Nott
Rating: PG-13ish
Warnings: a bit of dark suggestion
Disclaimer: All the characters and the elements of the universe belong to JK Rowling, no profit is made from this and no infringement is intended. This is for fun only.
Challenge: I’d like to mention cyn_fulprompted me with Susan trips into the lake and Theo rescues her so that responsibility for this goes to her *G*

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I know as of right now there are only two other people interested in this comm. I definitely want you to post your fics that have Susan in it. I have to go poke a person or two so that they know they need to come and RP with me here, before I just go on and post old RPs with them. *Grins*

I have other Susan-centered fics I am going to post. I would like for us to post our challenges together, one after the other. For instance, you can post one or all three that we have as of right now, then I will post the same.

*hugs both close* You two are awesome!

oh and mon_ami_runa (or whichever journal you plan on using here) I expect to start seeing all my drabbles!! *grins*